1989 Chevrolet Camaro

Engine Mechanical problem
1989 Chevy Camaro V8 Two Wheel Drive Automatic 131000 miles

I have an issue with my car shuttering when you accelerate. I have replaced the fuel filter and it went away but had other issues, related to plugs, wires and cap. Replaced those. Car was low on fuel and filled up then car started sputtering again and while driving I goosed it and then it just died. I let it sit and then turned it over nothing. I used a multimeter to check teh Pump relay and Maf Sensor and burn off. Looked fine. I then removed an injector plug and tested it while it was being cranked got power was the #1 injector. PLugged the ijector back in and then did the same thing with the next injector by it and while testing it and having it cranked over the car started still running rough but started. Drove it home and then plug the injector back in and car died. Tested again removing a injector it started and then plugged it back in and died. Had all injectors plugged in and started it and it was hard but did start but ran bad. Rough, spuddering and shaking like it was about to die. Can anyone help me please. I have alot of money tied up in mechanic work and they dont seem to know what is wrong. Thanks.
August 16, 2009.

When disconnected, are you getting power to the injector?

Well the distributor is replaced and I had two faulty injectors. But the one problem I am having which is consistent is: When the car is warm and I am at a stop sign the RMP's Jump Irratically. I am trying to use a water remover to see if that is the problem. But I am not sure because this only seems to be happening when I am stopped or at an idle. I have alot of power now after the replacement of the Distributor and the two injectors and the Idling problem is still there.

Sep 3, 2009.
Have you had the throttle position sensor or idle air control valve checked? Also, any vacuum leaks?