S10 CHECK ENGINE CODES P1406, P0700, P1100

1995 Chevrolet Blazer

 I have a 1995 Chev S10 Blazer V-6 4.3 L 4x4 150,000 miles. Code check showed P1406, P1100
& P0700. Cleared codes drove for a short bit and P1100 and P0700 came back immediately. No
longer runs rough check engine light has yet to come back on. What is P1100 on this model?
How to fix that code? What is P1406? How to fix that code if it comes back on? And what is
P0700 code? How to fix it? Fuel pump, sending unit and fuel filter recently replaced. Thank you
for any help you can provide
October 1, 2007.

DTC P1406 Exhaust Gas Recirculation (EGR) Position Sensor Performance
You probably had a small chunk of carbon lodged in the egr pintle, causing exhaust gasses to be circulated back into the intake.
As for the other two codes, I have never heard of them on a 95 blazer. Probably false codes if you are using a low grade scan tool.

Oct 1, 2007.
Thanks Denny, I plan to take the EGR valve out and clean it, put it back in and hope that helps - rather than shell out the nearly $200 for a new one. The scan tool I am using is a loaner from O'Reilly- AutoXRay, Code Scout 2500. The Blazer is rather odd in that it is a 1995, but has an OBDII connector - which I thought was not implemented until 1996. I've been told mine must have been built in late 1995. I was told P1100 may be related to the MAP or MAF sensor. Thanks for your willingness to help those less knowledgeable in such matters.


Oct 2, 2007.
Yes, some late 95's were OBDII. No codes p1100 or p0700 for a 96 either.

Oct 2, 2007.