2000 Dodge Neon • 133,000 miles

Ill start from the beginning, this started happening last thursday. It had trouble starting before work but eventually did, I ran my friend home and turned off the car to go inside for a little bit. When I came back outside it wouldn't start but it would still turnover. I had it towed to work the next day and a technician told me to try and start it up while he pulled on the throttle a bit. It started right up. He then told me to take of the idle air control valve and clean it and the throttle body. I did just that and it started up fine and I let it sit for a little bit. It later died, and fired up just fine seconds later. I drove it home then it dies in the drive way. So I come out later that day and fires up without a problem. I didnt have any more problems for another 24 hours or so. Then it started dieing at idle again and when I would go to start it up it would turnover but not start until I gave it some gas. And now it just wont start but it will turnover. And giving it gas wont help at all. I know its not the fuel pump because I can here it kick on when the key is turned to "on". Now the weekend before the first incident on that thursday I cleaned a spectre air filter with this accucharge air filter oil I got at a local parts store and it says that if I use to much oil it could screw some stuff up so im thinking I may have used too much and I wanna say the iac valve got screwed up but im still only in high school automotive classes and I dont want to risk spending the money on the $80.00 part and it still not work so I was hoping to get a second opinion. So thank you for your time and I hope to hear from you soon.
April 23, 2013.

Start with fuel pressure test. Just because the pump is on does not mean it is good


Apr 23, 2013.
Do you know if the Crankshaft Position Sensor has been changed on your car?
The Neons are notorious for malfunctioning above sensors.
They are easy to change and when bad they cause to car to shut off and not restart until cooled down, or not start at all.
Look on Youtube for videos in regards to changing it out.

Apr 28, 2013.