1994 Cadillac Fleetwood

Computer problem
1994 Cadillac Fleetwood V8 Two Wheel Drive Automatic 165 miles

I got a major problem with my Cadillac.
While I am turning the car on, will not start due to the Pass Key Fault problem, the light will keep indicate for around more then 10 mints
Then again I tried to start the engine will not start.
What is the problem? Its is some thing to do with the software or should I replace the computer?

Witch computer – any part no is there?
August 8, 2009.

Could be a broken wire in the ignition column/switch area...TROUBLE SHOOTING PASS-KEY II(R) 1. Check ignition key for cracked, dirty, or coated resistor pellet. Ensure ignition key is free from excess plastic around resistor pellet contacts. Check ignition key using Interrogator (J 35628). If key code window shows "E", replace key. Check key pellet sensing contacts in ignition lock cylinder by looking into key opening. If contacts are damaged or not Silver, replace lock cylinder. 2. Check instrument panel fuses No. 24 and 33. If PASS-Key II(R) system is intermittent, ensure connector to Central Control Module (CCM) is tight and terminals are clean. Also check CCM grounds. If theft deterrent relay must be replaced, check Yellow wire to starter solenoid for a short to ground. 3. To check contacts to key and wires in steering column, disconnect connector near base of steering column. Measure resistance back to key at this connector while turning and adjusting steering wheel. If there is a change or intermittent reading, replace lock cylinder and attached steering column wires. See Fig. 1.

o the self test and write down and post the codes.
ENTERING & EXITING DIAGNOSTICS Using Heater & Air Conditioning Control Panel 1. The Heater and Air Conditioning (H-A/C) control panel is used to display all vehicle modules Diagnostic Trouble Codes (DTCs). To enter diagnostic mode, simultaneously press OFF button and TEMP button on H-A/C control panel. H-A/C control panel will illuminate for 5 seconds, then display "-00". Press Fan Up/Down button to increase or decrease displayed system ("-01"=CCM, "-02"=HVAC, "-03"=SIR, "-04"=ABS/TCS). Select "-01" for CCM DTCs. 2. Press OUT TEMP button to display DTCs. While DTCs are being displayed, press fan up/down button to return display to system selected. If H-A/C control panel displays "--", H- A/C control is not receiving serial data because of a fault with the serial data line. If H-A/C control panel displays "00" after selecting "-01" (CCM DTCs), no codes are present. 3. If more than one code is present, codes will display beginning with the lowest current code to the highest current code, followed by the lowest history code, then the highest history code. Codes will cycle sequentially 16 seconds at a time until diagnostic mode is exited or ignition is turned off. To exit diagnostic mode, press any function button (except OFF button and either DEFOG button).
And click here to test the wires in the column and fix!

Aug 8, 2009.
Thanks for your answer.

But I took the Cadillac to the dealer; he told that the CCM (central control module) is defective.

I got the Part No. But I did not find it.

Can you please advice me where I can find CCM part No. 16197386

Cadillac – Fleetwood Brougham 5.7 L Rear wheels drive. 1994

Nov 10, 2009.
If you mean the location of it in your car, it's in the trunk, behind the rear seat, and my post mentioned checing the connections to it. As to where to buy one? Maybe our parts store can help

Nov 10, 2009.
The CCM is located on the front dash board.
I got a picture of it.


Nov 10, 2009.
Sorry, my book shows it in the trunk. Your picture looks more like the trunk than the dash?

Nov 11, 2009.