1992 Cadillac Deville

1992 Cadillac Deville V8 Front Wheel Drive Automatic 117850 miles

My 1992 Cadillac Sedan Deville's Fuel Information Center can't give an accurate reading on exactly how much fuel is in the car and when it gets low on fuel, the car's idle is not as smooth and does stall out due to lack of gas, even though the readout will say that there is 3 or 4 gallons in the car's fuel tank. What can I do to make sure that the car's fuel readout is more accurate and what is the thing to look for when the car's idle is rougher when it's lower on fuel on smoother when more fuel is in the car's tank.
October 25, 2010.

Is the stalling out when the fuel remaining is 3-4 gallons, a no start until you add fuel. In other words, is the tank reading more fuel than actual, and you are running empty. It could be a leak in the pulsator on the pump output line pulling air, when there is fuel around it it pulls fuel and goes unnoticed. If the gauge is reading fuel when actually the tank is empty, it could be a faulty fuel sender. There was some of these that would have a broken baffle in the fuel tank, that would move around at lower fuel levels and restrict the pickup. The symptom was most often a stall in turns, can't remember if it was right or left at this time.

Oct 25, 2010.
Thanks for the response, GStacey. Thought I could give you some more information in regards to the fuel issue concerning my 1992 Cadillac Sedan Deville. I've noticed it most when I'm driving on a road that is on an angle, i.E. Going up an hill or on an uneven road surface; but I have seen it happen on flat surfaces also, but as infrequently. Last night, I was in the Church parking lot and the car was facing slightly downhill and wouldn't start; but when I got it onto a flat area of the parking lot, it started right up. As for turns, as you mentioned, not so much unless the road is uneven.

Oct 26, 2010.
I would recommend having a fuel pressure gauge connected, and see what it shows. It sounds like you can rule it to a delivery problem, and there is a good chance at detection considering you know the conditions under which it fails. If you determine through the fuel pressure testing that it has an issue, I would almost suspect a tank or something within.

Oct 27, 2010.