1989 Cadillac Brougham

Electrical problem
1989 Cadillac Brougham V8 Two Wheel Drive Automatic

Ignition in general is the problem. Probably the switch as you said. How do I test the switch? Today I hooked a different battery up. On accessory, the car had full power. As soon as I turned the key to start, the positive batt. Terminal sparked and the batt. Was completely dead. Just a little more info for you. I was wondering if you could tell me why the switch works fine when hooked to jumper cables but not when it tries to start on it's own. Please don't take offense, I'm not questioning your answer. I just don't understand. Ignition wiring is definitely not my strong point.
October 13, 2008.

Hi: You reposted this, so I'm not sure what anyone has told you. To me, the battery terminals on your car are somewhat loose and corroded. Remove the terminals, use something to clean the battery's terminals, and the cable terminals. Also, make sure that they are tight when you reinstall them. My guess is the positive terminal is the problem.

NOTE: Is the battery completely dead after this or if you play with the terminals will things start to work again on accessory?


Hello. No one has suggested anything since replacing the ign. Switch. Batt. Terminals are clean and tight. I've even put my other car's batt. On just to make sure. It killed my batt. Immediately. I replied to your other post as well. I will try to delete the older one.

Nov 18, 2008.
Hi: If you have a short that is killing the battery that fast, you need to be careful. I recommend that you take the car to an auto electric mechanic. Whatever is causing this sounds major. Anyting that can kill a battery that fast could cause a fire.
Make sure the positve terminal to the starter isn't shorting.

Hi my cadillac is doing the same thing and I replaced the ign module and its fixed

Mar 10, 2009.