1998 Buick Skylark

Electrical problem
1998 Buick Skylark 6 cyl Front Wheel Drive Automatic 143, 00 miles

Having problems with my drivers side window sticking. The window is currently stuck half way down. I sprayed some WD40 down the sides. I'd like to take the panel off drivers side door to lubricate gears, check for loose wires. I'm not seeing any visible screws to somehow get this project started. Any suggestions would be helpful.
April 2, 2010.

1.Disconnect the negative battery cable for safety purposes.
2.Remove the front upper trim panel. Pry at the side of the panel to disengage the tabs, and carefully pull rearward.
3.Remove the power door lock/window switch from the door panel. After removing any screws, carefully pry upwards on the switch bezel, and unplug the electrical connectors.
4.Disengage the manual lock knob by pulling outward to disengage it from the rod.
5.Remove the door inside handle escutcheon.
6.Carefully pry the reflector from the door panel.
7.If equipped, remove the window regulator handle. Refer to the illustration.
8.Remove all screws from the door panel, including those behind the reflector, and under the armrest.
9.Using a suitable tool, disengage the door panel clips from the door.
10.Carefully remove the door panel from the vehicle.

To install:

11.Note the relationship of the hooks and clips on the door panel. Carefully place the door panel on the door, making sure the upper and lower hooks are engaged.
12.Press inward on the clips on the door panel, making sure they snap into position.
13.Install all screws to the door panel, including those behind the reflector, and under the armrest.
14.If equipped, install the window regulator handle.
15.Snap the reflector onto the door panel.
16.Install the door inside handle escutcheon.
17.Engage the manual lock knob.
18.Plug in the window switch/door lock panel, and snap it into position on the door panel. Install any retaining screws.
19.Install the front upper trim panel.
20.Connect the negative battery cable.

Beautiful ! I go over information and give it a go. Thank you so much bluelightnin6 and I'll let you know what happens. Bluelightnin6 anyway to get a larger pic of side panel door specs.?

Apr 2, 2010.
Got panel door off. Found all the clips although the lock mechanism cam unhooked and that was a bear to hook back up. Anyway I really couldn't get to the glass with the steel frame in the way. Didn't want to get in over my head so I put panel back. Sprayed some more WD40 and after getting Negative hooked back up and started up no luck with the window. It moved just a bit and stopped. !

Apr 2, 2010.
Sounds like may have a bad regulator or motor. Don't believe lubricant is going to help this issue.