1994 Buick Roadmaster

Engine Performance problem
1994 Buick Roadmaster V8 Two Wheel Drive Automatic

my car started chuging when you pushed on gas. Like it wasnt firing on all cylinders. We changed spark plugs and wires and no change. Then a week later car wouldnt start. So we replaced starter. And also had to reground ground wire, then had to replace alternator, still on get up and go. When taking off you have to keep foot off gas until car coast first then slowly push on gas to get speed. If you push on gas car sputters and jerks and shakes once up to speed does kinda ok. When you stop car acts like it wants to stall. If you put car in park it idles ok. Gages and lights are also now going haywire. What could cause these things.
Karen pumfrey
September 29, 2010.

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