1992 Buick Roadmaster

Electrical problem
1992 Buick Roadmaster V8 Two Wheel Drive Automatic 104000 miles

i am aware of the underhood sticker and its meaning, However I cannot find the location of the spark timing output connector to disable it to set the base timing, can you point me in the right direction regarding the location of this connector?
September 12, 2010.

Place transmission in Park. Start and warm engine to normal operating temperature. Turn A/C and all accessories off. Ensure CHECK ENGINE light is off.
Put Electronic Spark Timing (EST) into by-pass mode by unplugging Set-Timing connector. Connector is a single wire in wiring harness near distributor or right shock tower. DO NOT unplug 4-wire connector at distributor.
Connect timing light to spark plug No. 1 wire. Loosen distributor hold-down bolt. Set timing to specification. Refer to the V8 IGNITION TIMING SPECIFICATIONS below. Tighten distributor, and recheck timing. Reconnect Set-Timing connector. Clear Electronic Control Module (ECM) trouble code by momentarily disconnecting ECM power source or negative battery terminal.

Sep 12, 2010.