Buick Rendezvous

I have a 2002 Buick Rendezvous. Where do I start with the amount of parts I have replaced in it. It was having starting issues and we took it to the dealership. They replaced the starter. We then got stuck again (wouldn't start) they replaced the ignition switch. Another starting problem took it again and they replaced the battery. Next thing needed replacing wheel barrings. Starting problem a couple of months later took it to a friend said the wires to the battery were severely coroded and figured dealership ripped me off so replaced all wires to battery. A month later wouldn't start. Shop said needed a fuel filter and it hasn't been replaced ever. He also said that because of this the fuel pump could go bad anytime and that costs $900. Is this true? Is this odd for a car to have this many problems? I have spent almost $1000 on this car in the last 7 months. Now the window is broken. I went to wind the window up and it wouldn't go up all the way and so I winded it all the way down and tried to wind it up again and it wouldn't go. What is a fair cost to fix this (automatic windows) I don't think it is the motor. Could it be off the track? Help Please!
March 17, 2007.

State which problems u wanna help. No start or window?. Msg me when u make up ur mind.

Kin chan
Mar 17, 2007.
Could it be in the security system - cant find book on this car at all. Needs bushing in rear and wheel bearings in the front but needs to start Fiirst

Sep 1, 2009.