2001 Buick Regal

I have just had the upper intake manifold replaced, now I have a P0410 EGR Insufficent flow code. The repair shop said that they didn't touch the EGR Value, and suggested replacement, I did this the 3 tubes looked clear. The codes were reset and after about 40 miles the code was back the same as the first time it came on.
What could have gone wrong with the intake manifold replacement that would have caused this problem? How do I approach the repair shop to get them to own up to them have making an error in repair?
The other repairs that were done where the valve cover gaskets and oil pan gasket where replaced to correct oil leaks.
August 5, 2007.

Check for a vacuum restriction to the MAP sensor and the electrical connections to the sensor as well as the connection to the egr valve. Inspect harnesses for any damage/corrosion etc.

How does the car run?

The problem has to be diagnosed to dermine where fault may or may not lie. If this is a reputable shop, ask them to troubleshoot the problem. If it is on their end, ask them to cover it, if it isn't, you'll have to.

I had posted before about a reprogram.(I deleted it because it was for a p1404) I didn't want to confuse you. Sorry.

I was looking and it doesn't look like that code jives with the EGR valve. Does the car have an air pump for emissions?


Aug 6, 2007.