1996 Buick Regal

Computer problem
1996 Buick Regal 6 cyl Two Wheel Drive Automatic 94000 miles

I just tried to get my emissions inspection.

It failed.

P0441 Evaporative Emission Control System Incorrect Purge Flow

The service engine soon light is on.

What should I do now?
September 10, 2009.

DTC P0441 could mean one or more of the following has happened: * Bad vacuum switch
* Broken or damaged EVAP line or canister
* Open in PCM purge command circuit
* Open or short in Voltage feed circuit to Purge Solenoid
* Faulty purge solenoid
* Restriction in EVAP solenoid, line or canister
* Corrosion or resistance in purge connector
* Bad PCM

Here are a few solutions that should be followed to fix this issue.

* Common Chrysler fix - Replace Leak Detection Pump / LDP
* Repair damaged EVAP lines or canister
* Repair open or short in voltage feed circuit to Purge Solenoid
* Repair open in PCM purge command circuit
* Replace purge Solenoid
* Replace vacuum switch
* Repair restriction in Evap line or canister or solenoid
* Repair resistance in purge connector
* Replace PCM

Sep 10, 2009.
Yeah rasmataz I came across the site that listed that information.

What I am really looking for is the most common solution.

I've been looking around the internet for a few hours and made a couple calls.

The most common solution seems to be replacing the purge solenoid.

I'm probably going to do this. I was just looking for some reassurance.

I read that when this device doesn't open it trips the service engine soon light.

I took it off and tried blowing in the holes where the tubes connect to it. I couldn't blow into it. There is no where for the air to go.

I inspected and blew through all the lines. They seem fine.

If replacing the purge solenoid doesn't work what should I try next?

Sep 10, 2009.
The most common problem when that code comes up is a loose gas cap.
But, if it's a legitmate problem, Id check the vacuum lines in and around the vacuum ball, and the fuel return line.

Sep 14, 2009.