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I have a 1992 Buick I am haveing problmes when I try to start the car it just clicks I use too hit the starter to make it click over now all I get is a click and I even put a new stater into it please help : cry: : cry:
April 8, 2006.

Have you checked that the starter solenoid is working? Are all the cable and control wires connections clean and tight? Is so, turn on headlights and then try starting the engine. If lights dim or go out, either connections are dirty (high resistance contacts) or battery is suspect. Check open circuit (no load) battery voltage with motor off. Should be about 12+ ro 13 volts. And, try it with motor running, battery voltage should then be about 14.5 to 15.5V or there abouts. Or, alternative have battery tested under load to confirm that it is OK and does not have a dead/weak cell.

Jun 12, 2006.