1995 Buick Other

I have a 1995 buick regal custom that is overheating/running hot. Both fans will not come on. The a/c fan is probably due to a/c clutch not engaging(ideas?). The primary fan was working. I unpluged a conector on the passenger side of the radiator by the pressure cap(has 2 wires) and pluged it back in because it looked loose. After that the primary fan stoped working. The fan is ok(jumped 87 to 30 with 20 amp fuse/jumper). The relay seems ok(when gnd and voltage applied to 85/86 there is continuity between 87/30). I belive that the relays are controlled by the power controll module, but am not sure. If so, then is the PCM shot or could it be something else.

Confused and conserned

May 9, 2006.

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