Buick Lesabre

1995 Buick LeSabre
3.8 supercharged engine
112,000 miles

Getting a clank from the nose piece on supercharger @ idle. Aslo an occasional grinding noise while driving. Disconnected the belt and noise is gone. Belt runs the waterpump so I don't think it wise or possible to reroute the belt and bypass the SC. The pulley turns smoothly but with some resistance and a lot of play in the gears/rollers.

Appreciate any advice or suggestions. Can the nose be removed without removing the SC entirely for repair? Any exploded views of the SC dissasembled?

Thanxs in advance! : )
March 14, 2007.

You can run the engine without the supercharger belted, but not recommended. I believe the dealer sells this unit complete, but there are aftermarket nose cones available for a substantial savings. Since both belts come off, you should spin the idler and component pulleys by hand and replace those with bearing noise as well. Also, any tensioners that flutter are probably failing as well.
Keep in mind that the dual overhead cam engine is no-tolerance, and the timing belt should be replaced at mileage suggested by manufacturer to prevent major head damage.

Mar 15, 2007.
Thanxs for the responce. I did check all pulleys and tensioners and they all seem ok. The play in the supercharger shaft is probably due to a worn coupler. I have found nose cones, rebuild kits, coupler kits, and rebuilders all online.

Timing is handled by a chain so this is not an issue thankfully.

Will have a total rebuild due to the year and mileage. Debating on purchasing a rebuilt unit or doing the rebuild myself.

Thanxs again.

Mar 15, 2007.