Buick Century

I need to adjust front left headlight for a 2002 Buick century as it seems to have dropped down after an altercation with a bird. (I think the car won!) I already pulled the light assembly off the car to attempt an initial adjustment but nothing seemed to change after re-install. There are only two adjustment options on the headlight and I tried them both to no avail. Are the two adjustment screws the answer, or is there another alternative to my problem? I even pulled the bulbs out to reset them back in position as both low and high beam seem to be equally off pointing in a downward direction. This did not work either. I hate to have to take the lens cover off to try an adjustment because of a potential moisture issue in the future. Any help I can get will be much appreciated. Thank You!
November 11, 2007.

The adjusting screws are the key. One is for vertical and one is for horizontal

Nov 11, 2007.