Buick Century

2000 Buick Century. 85,000 miles. I had both front rotors and brake pads replaced in October. It's December and the car two days ago started grinding on the front left side. When I brake it feels like its metal on metal. Sounds like the rotors or the brake pad is dislodged. I took it into the shop and they said it's not the brake pads or rotors. They think the calibur should be replaced. Does that make sense?
December 27, 2006.

What is their reasoning? What is it that is making the grinding according to them?

My question was. How does a caliber go bad? And I asked them to explain it to me. They told me it was hard to explain. Here's what they said - the rotor and brake pads they put on in October were fine. They adjusted a few things and rode the car around the parking lot. They did not hear the grinding. I was told if the grinding comes back it was an easy fix - they would replace the caliiber. I asked again why would the caliber have to be replaced. In their words all parts eventually go bad after a period of time.

Dec 27, 2006.
If the noise comes back, take it to an independent garage that has a good reputation for a second opinion. Communication is so important in this industry and your not getting a clear reason for the noise. If one understands what is wrong and is suggesting a part to be replaced, it should be able to be communicated to the customer when asked why? . I doubt there is a caliper problem. Not to say it isn t possible. But there needs to be more reasoning than they just wear out . Maybe the slides are sticking or a piston isn t moving or a fluid restriction or something. Often brake jobs are done without good attention to cleaning, lubricating and doing the little things that make it a good job. I see it often in this industry. It is easy to sell the customer more parts than do the job they paid for right the first time. It isn t all shops. Bad techs or shops hurt the industry. If they improve their communication, it would take the suspicion out of the equation.