2003 Buick Century

Smells problem
2003 Buick Century 6 cyl Front Wheel Drive Automatic 147000 miles

My wife's car recently started emitting a smell that kind of smells like fuel, but more like paint.
It is most noticeable during the day close to the car outside while idling. I inspected the fuel lines underneath the car but cannot find a leak. The smell is stronger underneath than it is under he hood.
Two months ago, we had a check engine light and a dealership had to replace a fuel pressure sensor located above the gas tank (thats what they told us).

There is no engine light anymore but a sweet fuel/paint-like smell showed up a week ago. We live in Las Vegas where it has been 105 degrees everyday.
July 18, 2009.

There's a leak within the Evaporative control system get it check from the charcoal canister to the fuel tank.

Jul 18, 2009.