1996 Buick Century

Electrical problem
1996 Buick Century 6 cyl Front Wheel Drive Automatic 104000 miles

my turn signals dont work no flashing no ticking and no dashboard arrows are visible I checked the fuse its good
i figured I would try the least expensive replacment and replace the flasher but I cant find it.
the hayes book says on the passenger side of the sterring collum (cant find it there I removed practically the whole lower dash a google search said behind the ac controls I cant find it anywhere please help if possible a photo of its current location would be great
August 5, 2008.

My references says its located behind center of dash-behind ashtray. No pic available-sorry-also the hazard flasher is in the convenience center

Good Luck

Aug 6, 2008.
I have the same car and the turn signal " can" is located on the top of the mount for the gas pedal. Follow the pink and purple wires. You will have to remove the black plastic kick plate that keeps your feet and the wiring apart. You " may" have to remove the colored plastic section under your steering column also. It's 5/16 hex heads.

Mar 21, 2009.