1973 Buick Centurion

Engine Mechanical problem
1973 Buick Centurion s V8 Two Wheel Drive Automatic 90000 miles

My Buick has been in the garage for about a year. I got it started and let it run a bit. (I had to jump the battery and pour some gas down the carb.) When I put the transmission in gear, the engine dies. It will start right back up, but as soon as I put it into any gear, drive - reverse, the engine dies. Any ideas for me?
Mar Wag
October 6, 2009.

Have you checked the neutral safety switch on the column or console. That may be the best place to check 1st. It's just a small wire cable with a clip attached to the back of the indicator that shows what gear you are in. It is designed to kill the car in case you try to start it in gear on automatics.

Oct 19, 2009.
After sitting for a year, whatever fuel was in the carb, or fuel system is probably bad. Also, you could have some vacuum leaks at hoses or gaskets. Try letting the car warm up, and see if the idle speed drops down as the choke opens. If it stays high, even after tapping the accelerator a couple of times, check for a vacuum leak. You could also have some debris in the idle circuit. With the engine off, and the air filter on,
swap two spark plug wires around. Start the car, push the gas peddle a couple of times, try to make the engine backfire through the carb. Sounds silly, but it will blow the crap out of the idle circuit 9 of 10 times. If it works, swap the plug wires back where they belong. Good luck, mickey-d

Dec 2, 2009.