2004 BMW Z4

Engine Performance problem
2004 BMW Z4 6 cyl Two Wheel Drive Manual 29,000 miles

the code that came up is p0335. I had taken it to checker to use their scanner. My mech told me I needed to replace sensor a and while we were in there I needed to replace b. He has been a good mech, but I watced him diagnos the code with google. I dnt kow if that is the only solution, should I go to the dealer which I? Really dont trust. My mech said he replacces these sensors all the timein BMW's. HELP!
October 6, 2010.

What help do you need? The P code you report is for the crank shaft sensor, not the cam sensors. Replacement and clearing of the faults did not fix the problem?

Dr. Hagerty
Oct 8, 2010.