2004 BMW X3

Engine Mechanical problem
2004 BMW X3 Front Wheel Drive Automatic 105000 miles

My 2004 X3 2.5i has an oil leak. It is small. I lost about two quarts of oil between oil changes (3500 miles of driving). After getting it checked out it appears that I have several leak points. One is from the oil pan gasket and the other(s) are from the engine but I don't know where exactly. My mechanic says it's safe to drive as long as I top of the oil once a week.
What do you think I should do? I am torn between trading it in (I am not sure how much I will get for it even without the oil leak) and getting it fixed which will cost $2000+ because of the labor involved to remove the engine and diagnosis and fix the leaks.
What is your suggestion/recommendations?
June 18, 2010.

Replacement of the profile gasket might be needed, it is a typical failure, here is a link, it's part #6:

I recommend spending some time diagnosing the problem. Having a recommendation to remove the engine for some oil leaks is not realistic. The above mentioned profile gasket is a typical failure and may stop the majority of the leakage due to the fact that it under pressure, it is about a 3 hour job. Try that before you throw in the towel on your X3, and if there is anything else, we are here.

Dr. Hagerty
Jun 19, 2010.