2004 BMW X3

Engine problem
2004 BMW X3 Engine Size unknown All Wheel Drive Manual 50K miles

My car had a fluctuating idle and all the dash lights were on when I started it yesterday morning. It had been 8 degrees the night before, and was around 15 degrees when I tried to start it. It was idling high and low up to about 1500rpms, and when I accelerated, it had very little effect. With great difficulty I moved it out of the driveway and turned it off. I tried to start it 4 hours later and the same thing occurred. We just had the throttle replaced in Dec. After a similar incident. Now they are saying that it might be the engine computer.
Any suggestions? Thanks
January 23, 2008.

BMW is having issues with X3. Could you repost with VIN

Dr. Hagerty
Mar 17, 2008.
The VIN number is


Thanks, Dr. Hagerty!


Mar 23, 2008.
Thank you for the information, I will research this and be back to you soon

Dr. Hagerty
Mar 23, 2008.