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2009 Other BMW Models

Our family loves Toyotas. They have been so dependable and lasted forever. Only thing is, we want something different. Since Toyotas aren't that " fancy" looking. More basic.

We are looking into possible a BMW SUV. Not sure which one. We just want some feedback on general breakdown, wear and tear. How often, are the costs for maintenance and repairs so much more than (for example a Toyota)?

Any feedback would help.
Thanks in advance!
November 10, 2010.

Hi RCC007. Welcome to the forum. I have friends with both brands. Keep in mind expensive cars are built with expensive parts. Toyota is probably one of the world's most customer-friendly companies along with Hyundai. On the other end of the spectrum is GM, BMW, and Volkswagen. Those companies are very good at separating money from their owners.

Two examples come to mind. The obvious one is the need to have very expensive computers replaced by the dealer and programmed to your specific vehicle ID number. These all-too-common repairs are not cheap.

Second, BMW will not release their paint code data to the rest of the world. There are only two ways to match colors during a repair. Experiment with multiple attempts with expensive paint, or buy the REALLY expensive paint from a BMW dealer. There is no way to convince me that is in the customer's best interest. I'd stick with Toyota.


Nov 11, 2010.
I agree, BMW can be a very expensive car to own. Stick with plain Jane.

Dr. Hagerty
Nov 11, 2010.
I think yoou're right. BMW's are probably overrated. Any other really good brand of cars you would recommend? At affordable price range? How's the Dodge Charger?

Nov 12, 2010.