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Engine Mechanical problem
1986 Other BMW Models 6 cyl Two Wheel Drive Automatic 357000 miles

I need to know how to change the oil in my 524TD BMW. Where is the oil filter located and how do I take it off. Looks like a bolt on the bottom of the oil filter housing. What is this for?
August 5, 2009.

You might wish to let that service out to an oil changing shop for 20 bucks, but if not then get a filter and 5 quarts of the proper oil and a crush washer for the drain and plug and drain the oil and change the filter (the bolt is for the oil filter cartridge) and it is a messy job, well worth letting the kids get their hands dirty, trust me, I take my wife's brand new car to change the oil, why should I do it?

Dr. Hagerty
Aug 8, 2009.