2002 BMW M5

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2002 BMW M5 V6 Four Wheel Drive Automatic 53000 miles

I recently received a jumpstart. Once the car was back on the road I noticed that the dash board was blank. The fuel guage, rpm, and clock no longer worked, as a matter a fact nothing lights up on the dash board. Could you please telll ne if this is a fuse problem? Is this going to be a big expense, I hope not. K
December 5, 2007.

There are many sensitive electronic components on board the E-39 S-62 platform. There is a fuse panel in the glove box and a legend in the bottom of the tray that folds down that is the fuse panel. Check for blown fuses and repost if more assistance is required.

Dr. Hagerty
Dec 5, 2007.
Are you sure you don't have an X5? E39 M5s are V8 and rear wheel drive, six speed manual tranny. :

Mar 5, 2008.