1991 BMW M5

Electrical problem
1991 BMW M5 V8 Two Wheel Drive Manual 90,000 miles

battery dead on 91 bmw m5-doors locked-key wont unlock door with battery dead-mechanics say you can lift handle and turn key to left 110 degrees & this will unlock door- but this has not worked for me-also the key seems to want to only turn 90 degrees and battery is under rear seat so I cant charge it to make key work, I dont want a locksmith to pry on the window to unlock the door. Does anyone know the key trick for this dead bmw? I like german engineering, but I think they overthought this key/door lock deal. Help me. Thank You
May 8, 2008.

Go to the passenger front door, insert key, lift the handle, turn the key and you are in the car!

Dr. Hagerty
May 8, 2008.