2001 BMW 750Li

2001 BMW 750Li All Wheel Drive Automatic 4300 miles

Front windshield leaking (when it rains a small amount is coming into the car) on the Driver side. Will I have to replace the entire windshield or is there a sealent that can be used, and if so what type of sealent?
September 28, 2010.

Windshields should be inspected for damage and replaced if they leak.

Dr. Hagerty
Sep 29, 2010.
I have never seen a windshield leak on a 750, but I have seen the sun roof drains get plugged up and leak inside the car which makes it appear to be leaking from the windshield, that windshield is not cheap to replace, before I did that I would take your garden hose and just apply a water to the outer age of the windshield to make sure it is leaking.

Dr Loot
Oct 4, 2010.