2002 BMW 745

2002 BMW 745 Two Wheel Drive Automatic

what is scanner repair code 1355?
March 2, 2010.


Dr. Hagerty
Mar 2, 2010.
This is called a lean misfire, and there's a reason why you fuel is being cut off to that cylinder.

Check for a pulse at that injector. If there's none, check wiring/connector. If that checks out, suspect the computer.

If there's a pulse, check that the injector is actually firing. Use a stethoscope to listen as the engine runs. If there's no firing, replace the injector.

If your scanner has the capability, monitor your crankshaft speed sensor. If it's out of spec, check the wiring/connector first. If this checks out, measure reference and signal voltage. If reference voltage is faulty, you computer is bad. If signal voltage is faulty, your sensor is bad.

Ernest Clark
Mar 5, 2010.
Is there something that is resolved here?

Dr. Hagerty
Dec 14, 2010.