1993 BMW 740

1993 BMW 740

I have a 1993 BMW 740il, and I want to change my tire rods, and control arms. I never did this before, can you walk me through it please?
August 19, 2009.

There are some special tools needed, and it helps to have a lift. After it is done, an alignment is probably a good idea. The replacement of the parts is straightforward so I wont spend time with how to on that but to get the tie rods loose takes a tool that will push the rod ends out of their tapered holes, most tool manufacurers will be able to sell what you need (snap-on, matco, etc.) When you replace these parts it is a good idea to tighten the bolts when the car is resting on the ground as the tensioned rubber parts need to not have any torsional loads on them. Do you feel comfortable continuing with this process?

Dr. Hagerty
Aug 19, 2009.