2004 BMW 540

Computer problem
2004 BMW 540 V8 Automatic 50,000 miles

I have a 545i and I'm just wondering about my PDC malfunctions. Last month I was getting error messages saying PDC MALFUN. I don't get them anymore but that little triangle with the ! Mark in it has been pretty much constant in my console. The odd time it won't be there but for the most part it is. Any advice? Thanks
September 16, 2008.

It could be a faulty sensor or some other issue with the park distance control, is the warranty still in effect? Has the vehicle ever been involved in an accident? Has a short test been performed at the dealer?

Dr. Hagerty
Sep 16, 2008.
Hi, warranty ended like 2 months ago. No accidents. Are those sensors easy to get at? Is it something u can clean? I wonder if it's expensive to repair.

Also, once in a blue moon when I start the car, a symbol with a P comes up, then it goes away in a minute or so. What's that?

Thanks again.

Sep 16, 2008.
Goodwill might still apply if you can show the car has been kept up at the dealer. The symbol with a " P" should be explained in the owners manual.

Dr. Hagerty
Sep 17, 2008.