1988 BMW 535

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1988 BMW 535 6 cyl Two Wheel Drive Automatic 237*** miles

Hey I have a question.I wanted to put a cold air intake on my car. Well not a full system just the short pipe and the filter. Anyways I couldnt find one that was made for my car.A friend told me it was because I had a MAS on my car. Well I kept looking anyways and I found one at Balvarina Autosport's website. They said its made for my year and model of my car. My question is will it work with the MAS bbefore I go and spend 200 on it.I just dont want to spend it and it mess up my New MAS. Thank you
January 27, 2008.

Save your money for something you really need. Cold air intake for 200, waste of $$

Dr. Hagerty
Jan 31, 2008.