2006 BMW 530

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2006 BMW 530 6 cyl Wheel Drive Type unknown Automatic 39000 miles

My rear Rim has a slight crack which cause me to have a slow leek in my tire which is a run flat tire. I want to replace it with a new rim but after I take the lug nuts off the rim is still held tight I'm sorry to sound foolish but what else is it that is holding the rim in place? I had flats in the front tires before and the rime comes off after taking of the lug nuts out is there something I'm missing to do? I also provide a donation to the cause. I feel its an important source to have alternative information available.
February 11, 2008.

Sometimes the center hub gets stuck in the wheel. Install 1 wheel bolt and try kicking the tire from behind to knock it off the hub

Feb 12, 2008.