1997 BMW 528

Engine Cooling problem
1997 BMW 528 6 cyl Two Wheel Drive Automatic 144000 miles

How can I change the radiator on my 97 bmw 528i
January 26, 2010.

Removing/Installing Radiator

Danger of scalding.
Only perform this work after engine has cooled down.

Drain coolant, refer to Cooling System - Service and Repair - Procedures See: Service and Repair
Remove fan cowl, refer to Fan Shroud - Service and Repair - Procedures See: Fan Shroud\Service and Repair

Note: When removing the fan cowl, note the engine variant.

If necessary, disconnect plug connection at level sensor.

Air conditioning

Disconnect plug connection on temperature switch.

Disconnect upper water hose.

Disconnect lower water hose.

Disconnect expansion hose.

Pull off sealing lip (1) towards top. Release hexagon screws (2) on left and right. Remove brackets (3) on left and right.

Lift radiator upwards to remove.

Place radiator on supports.

Note rubber mounts on left and right sides.

Top up coolant.
Vent cooling system and check for leaks,

Jan 26, 2010.