1991 BMW 525i

Electrical problem
1991 BMW 525i 6 cyl Two Wheel Drive Automatic 160000 miles

I attempted to lock my car, usually all locks lock at the same time when I lock with key. This time only the lock in the door which I was locking with the key locked, none of the others. Also when I attempted to unlock the same door directly after the lock attempt. It did not unlock. I also noticed that the radio was offline and the clock was out of time, then the clock was off totally. Electric windows and windshield wipers did not work as well. One early morning I was driving to work the windows started to work and the clock came back on. Is there an electrical component or sensor that can be causing these symptons?
May 11, 2009.

For it to all start working all of sudden I would suspect a loose connector
start by checking fuses remove and check terminals
check for loose wire do a wiggle test , have the radio on start twisting and wiggling the wiring harness

need manual CHECK IT @

May 12, 2009.
There is a relay module under the rear seat that controls the windows and locks that can fail and cause these issues, using the aforementioned wiggle test, try to pinpoint the source. Let us know what you find out.

Dr. Hagerty
May 13, 2009.