BMW 525

BWW 523se auto 90,000 2.3. Year 1999
ABS light stays on. Car was wired up to a diagnostic
machine which gives general readings: ie, sensor problems,
so replaced wheel sensors. No result. Maybe BMW may know what problem is, but I refuse to pay my months salary to find answer. Do you have answers?
September 26, 2007.

When a " DSC" or " ASC" issue exists with the E-39 it is almost never the sensors.
First question is what is the production date?
There are several " repair kits" for the anti lock system.
The BMW part # is 34-52-6-752-740 for a DSC unit
and 34-52-6-750-347 for an ASC unit
of course this is dependent on the VIN
the repair module will need to be coded to the car

Dr. Hagerty
Sep 26, 2007.