2006 BMW 520

Electrical problem
2006 BMW 520 6 cyl Two Wheel Drive Manual n/a miles

Hi I am in the process of buying an E60 with 2171cc engine. I have heard that after 2006 I will not be able to use my Autel OBD11/EOBD scanner to diagnose any fault codes within the System. I have used this Scanner very succesfully on E39 E46 models. Can anyone out there tell me the actual date that BMW changed over all their dianostic software to interogate the E60 model. I want to continue maintaining my own Car for the forseeable future and therefore buy the youngest car that I can which is still somewhat user friendly. Thanks
October 2, 2009.

If you have " user friendly" as the criteria for the purchase of your next car, you can scratch BMW off that list. The scanner used to read generic OBDII data will still read generic data from the `06, and that is all it will be, generic. Often the data extracted from a generic scan will be just fine for the masses, but if you need to diagnose the climate controls or other modules in the cars' systems, you will need to find more sophisticated scanning equipment. BMW started to change the scanning equipment when the 745 hit the market, and it has gotten more complex as time goes by.

Dr. Hagerty
Oct 4, 2009.
Hi Dr Hagerty Please accept my apologies for this tardy reply. Thank-you for the information, it is as I suspected BMW along with others are trying to stop the home mechanic/enthuisiast/ car lover from carrying out their own maintenance.
I am retired now and not by any means in the first flush but have a love for Cars which stretches back to the late 1950's.
I will continue to run maintain and service my new to me BMW E60 for as long as it is possible. BMW charge a fortune just to plug there equipment in so I am going ahead despite them.
You may well get another call for help in the future. I have now seen some of the diagnostic equipment they use! Once again I am grateful for your help and apologies again for the late response.

Oct 20, 2009.
No worries mate, I will try to be of as much help as I possibly can. Regards, Dr. Hagerty

Dr. Hagerty
Oct 20, 2009.