2001 BMW 520

Heater problem
2001 BMW 520 6 cyl Two Wheel Drive Manual

Hi there,
My Bi-fuel converted BMW 5 series heater doesn't blow warm air although if the fan is low or off, warm air can be felt coming from lower vent openings. There does not seem to be any overheating issues and the radiator doesn't seem to be loosing water.
There also seems to be a problem with the GAS system which seems to take ages to switch on, but then locks out moments later and it has to be completely reset. I am led to believe that to heating issue may be affecting the LPG system. Any advise would be welcome
Black Panther
November 4, 2009.

Disconnect your car's battery for 30 minutes to reset the car and see if it is a electrical/communication issue between the climate controls and controllers.

Mar 11, 2010.