1990 BMW 518

Computer problem
1990 BMW 518 4 cyl Two Wheel Drive Manual 137k miles

I am currently haveing problems with my 518i losing power and cutting out. The inspection light comes on and goes off intermittently and when the light is on the revs counter stops working. As well it cuts out mainly when I have full steering lock on but it has started to do it more often now, even just normal driving. I have a hole in my intake hose which I have seeled whist ordering a new one, I dont know if this will affect or not. Any advise or help I would be very gratefull.
January 1, 2009.

There is a need for information to aid in the process of diagnosis. What can you tell us about the car? What does your mechanic say is wrong? What is the history?

Dr. Hagerty
Jan 1, 2009.
We want more iformation about ur car.

Mar 16, 2009.