2001 BMW 330

Engine Mechanical problem
2001 BMW 330 6 cyl Two Wheel Drive Automatic 135K miles

I has an idler pulley lock up and destroy the serpentine belt. I replaced the idler and bought a new belt (6PK1538, effective length of 60.5" ) and installed it according to Dayco's routing diagram. The system I have and the way I routed it is according to routing diagram G00123157. When I install the belt as shown, it doesn't seem tight enough and the idler is touching the tensioner. I read and measured the old belt which measure 60.5" and is marked 6PK1538.
February 9, 2009.

I will send a picture of the routing and that is the correct # for the belt.

Dr. Hagerty
Feb 9, 2009.