2007 BMW 328

Engine Mechanical problem
2007 BMW 328 6 cyl All Wheel Drive Manual 30,000 miles

My BMW has a valve ticking sound that occurs mostly in the morning when the car is cold. I noticed the noise when I purchased the car and was told it was coming from the valves and it was normal. The engine has been " purged" by the dealer in an attempt to correct the problem but the noise remains. I believe the ticking sound may be do to faulty valve lifters. The dealership says this is normal but I cannot believe that is true. If I try to sell the car or even trade it in any mechanic worth their weight in synthetic oil would be able to tell there is a valve problem. Help!
Andrew crell
February 27, 2009.

The N-52 valvetronic motor has an issue with the noise from the valves. BMW knows this and has a policy of doing everything they can to correct this issue short of actually spending money on replacement of " faulty" parts. You may be able to extract some satisfaction from BMW NA if you complain loudly enough. Having said all that, I would start with documenting all the issues you have along with names, dates and times, to go to the court system and plead your case. Good Luck Mate ♥

Dr. Hagerty
Mar 5, 2009.