1991 BMW 325

Interior problem
1991 BMW 325 6 cyl Two Wheel Drive Manual 135000 miles

My passenger window popped off the track and I am trying to figure out how to repair it or what to replace what is broken, I dont know what to check. Also my sunroof appears to have some broken or bent linkage, it works it will open but appeartly not working right and I would like to replace damage parts. So I would like some type of diagram to help me figure out how to remove.
June 8, 2010.

The sunroof will probably require replacement of the entire cassette, replacement parts are usually not individually available. Is the car a coupe or sedan?

Dr. Hagerty
Jun 8, 2010.
The car is a sedan, when I push the open button it will start to open and wil open part way then it will make grinding noise and then get start to get off track, then trying to close it it wont complety close and seal unless assisted with pushing downward from the roof. Kind of why I wanted a drawing or photos to show how to dissassemble to show what to replace.
Thank you for your help

Jun 8, 2010.