1999 BMW 323

Transmission problem
1999 BMW 323 4 cyl Two Wheel Drive Automatic 190000 miles

Why is my transmission fluid leaking? What will it cost to repair this? Every now and then an exclaimation point will show up on the screen that shows what gear I am in. It is also hesitant when that happens. It takes a while for me to get going from a stopped position.

Thank you for your help!

July 23, 2010.

There is a bulletin from BMW about this and if the leak is from the Bel housing/transmission case interface, it will require removal and possibly just replacement of the o-ring, maybe more, it depends on what discovery of the internal components reveals.

Dr. Hagerty
Jul 23, 2010.
Hi there,

The most common place for a transmission oil leak is the pan gasket, rear seal or front torque converter seal, oil cooler lines can also leak, you may be getting this message as the trans oil may be getting low, have you check it yet? As for cost we need to know where the leak is on the trans, a wash down and inspection after a short drive will show up any fresh leaks, or a mechanic can advise on where the leak is, then we can give you a better idea as to any costs.

Mark (mhpautos)

Jul 23, 2010.
Thank you so much for your help1

To answer your question. The place where you pour the ATF goes empty at least once a week.

Would it be possible to give me approximate pricing for all of those scenarios?

Jul 23, 2010.