BMW 320

Whenever I start my car the revs bounce for a while and as soon as I press on the accelerator the car stalls, meanwhile I can hear a sucking kind of noise at the engine and I can smell a faint fume of petrol near the fuel injector area, Its definately not an air leak as ive checked for this or the maf as that has been replaced.

Ive had 2 diags that came back with 0 errors, I have had the fuel rail out a few times after checking for air leaks under the manifold but I never replaced the O ring and the seals on the injectors could it be that these not being changed that the injectors are not sealing properly hence air getting in and causing this.

After a while the car gets going eventually and starts to run normally and this problem comes and goes and is very intermittent.

any advice as im at a loss is it important to change the seals once the injectors are out.

By the way its a BMW 320I M50 Engine 1992.
March 1, 2006.

I'm having similar problems with my 94 530i. The bouncing rpm's, stalling, sucking sound, and the smell of gas. Until recently after I had the heads done at a local European auto repair shop, I never had these problems. That shop couldn't diagnose the problem and after having the car for two weeks the second shop specializing in European cars recommended that I take the car to the dealership to have the brain tested. The second shop did say that they narrowed the problem down to the left [u: d4bb8db448]bank of injectors were not receiving any ground pulses[/u: d4bb8db448]. I've ordered a new O2 sensor that should be in by Monday. I'll post a note if the new sensor takes care of the problem. I Hope this somehow helps you fix your problem.

Mar 12, 2006.
Anything going on here?

Dr. Hagerty
Dec 5, 2010.