2001 BMW 318

Engine Cooling problem
2001 BMW 318 4 cyl Two Wheel Drive Manual 110000 miles

i got a garage to supposedly fix a water leak, paid them and the leak wasnt fixed, mechanic came and picked up my car even though I didnt think was wise to drive it with the result of a blown head gasket, where do I stand now they want 1700€ to fix the problem even tho I paid 1250€ to fix the problem last week which they didnt do
December 9, 2008.

Hi there,

this is something that you will have to sort out with the repairer, I feel that you do have a claim on the first repairer that has not been done properly, you will just have to get all the facts and sit down with them and try and sort it out. What was the first repair that was not done correctly?

Mark (mhpautos)

Dec 9, 2008.