2001 BMW 318

2001 BMW 318


We are looking at purchasing a 2001 BMW 318i and would like to know what we should look out for. Also we would like to know how the car compares to other makes e.G. Toyota, Nissan, etc. We are seeking a car which is reliable, cost efficient (i.E. Not too may problems from the get go, etc) and what which will last us for a while e.G. 3 years or more
July 18, 2010.

Before you ink the check on that deal, have a pre-purchase inspection done. The problems start with the little stuff, window regulators, climate control, cooling system, and they move up from there. As to longevity, it sort of up to you. Money talks and it depends on where your priorities are, a high maintenance car like BMW may be just right for some, too much for others.

Dr. Hagerty
Jul 19, 2010.
Thanks for the advice. Would you be able to advise us regarding the Toyota Ist?

Jul 19, 2010.