1992 BMW 318

Brakes problem
1992 BMW 318 4 cyl Two Wheel Drive Manual 155000 miles

im trying to replace my rotors and pads. Im doing this cuz I just got it and it shakes at high breaking speeds so the rotors obviously are warped and need to be replaced. I have everything disassembled in my garage all the way down to the hub. The problem is when I started reinstalling everything the bracket that mounts the caliper to the steering nuckle rubs against the rotor and prevents it from spinning properly. How can I prevent this from happening? Also after further inspection the rotors spin much the way an unbalanced tire would. Do u think I did not get them on properly or that the hub is warped too and that is the root of my problem?
January 21, 2010.

Your problem very well could be the hub, you could test it with a run out micrometer. If it has been in any type of collision in front replace the hub or hubs regaurdless

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Jan 25, 2010.