1993 BMW 316

Engine Cooling problem
1993 BMW 316 Automatic 200000 miles

Hi. Please Help!

The needle on my car's heat gauge goes toward the red end and the red light goes on, when I travel short distances, drive slowly or idle the car for too long (when I'm stuck in traffic).

I check my water regularly, and it never is too low.

I've recently had the viscus fan replaced - as I was told it was in bad shape, and would not be effective in coolong my car down.

After all of this, the heat gauge still lights up.

What is the problem here? Pleez help!
Waheeda Buccas
October 19, 2008.

You need to get the engine checked for water circulation? I'm guesssing your water pump is not working and needs replacing

Dave H
Nov 5, 2008.