1999 Audi Quattro

Transmission problem
1999 Audi Quattro 6 cyl All Wheel Drive Manual 74000 miles

I just had the clutch replaced. Afterwards, when I shifted I heard a clunking noise which it never had before. (The mechanic test drove the car after replacing the clutch.) I took the car back in, and agreed there was a clunking noise. (Why they didn't notice it after replacing the clutch?)Then they noticed the rear differencial plate was broken. They replaced it and test drove. When I got the car back, the clunking was even worse. I took the car back and now they say there is something broken in the transmission. Question- would the replacing of the clutch caused the rear diff. Plate to break and why after they replaced it the clunking got worse and now I need a new transmission cuz something broke in it after they replace the diff. Plate. Please help!
September 17, 2008.

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