Audi A2

1998 Oldsmobile Cutlass, 4 door, automatic, about 43, ooo miles on it, 8 cyclindor. Okay, all I know is I woke up to go to work, went out to start my car, and couldn t even get the key to go in, after some jiggling I did get it in, but would not even turn to try to start, someone did pull the igniton and all out, they are trying to say my tumblers are bad, that I need to get a locksmith, but can I not just get a new switch, help, please, clueless on this end.
June 10, 2007.

If it happened just one day, I would say that your key got bent somehow. You could use a little grafite lube on the key, If you had no problem until that day I think it is in the key. You can get another switch and key.

Aug 19, 2007.